Flagstone Patio – Costs And Materials

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Flagstone Patio Designs
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Flagstone Patio – Costs And Materials

When you think to start building your flagstone patio, you will notice that it is not as easy as it sounds.When building a flagstone patio, you first have to calculate the total cost of your project. This will include all of the tools that need to be bought, flagstone patio cost, and the amount spent on a professional builder. All of these costs need to be written down so that you know exactly how much you are going to spend.

To prepare the area base and then pour a concrete slab can cost you ranges from ,000 -,000 for a 10×20-feet; ,000 -,000 for 80×20-feet; and ,000 -,000 for 100×100-feet. Smaller projects cost more per square yard because of minimum travel, labor and equipment costs. Concrete can be plain or have added color, texture or patterns–options that move a project to the higher end of the price ranges. You can save the cost if you do it your self this stage. Most of these pieces on this project are handled by two men and even the smaller sizes are quite heavy (for one man).

Step one, removing the existing lawn, was fairly easy on this job.  The grass happened to be recently planted sod and was not yet deeply rooted.

Spray an outline of the patio and walkway with marking paint. Excavate the area to a depth of 6″. Smooth and even out the grade with a landscaping rake. Further level and compact the surface using a hand or power tamper. Add and tamp 1″ layers of gravel until there is a firm 3″ thick compacted gravel base.

Flagstones usually are sold in nominal thicknesses from 1 to 3 in. and in 6-in. width and length increments, starting at 12 x 12 in. and going up to 2 ft. 6 in. x 2 ft. 6 in. Anything larger or thicker is usually a special order. Prices vary substantially. We bought ours in upstate New York, where 1-in.-thick bluestone costs about per square foot delivered. You can check flagstone patio prices in your nearest local store or you can check it on the Internet.

Having a bluestone or flagstone patio installed runs about - a square foot, or ,000 -,600 for 10×20-feet, and ,000 -,000 for an 80×20-foot area.

The next thing that you have to be aware of when building a flagstone patio is the materials that you are going use. The first set of tools that are needed to build a patio are a hammer, chisel, flagstone masonry sand, wheel barrow, hoes, brushes, cement etc. These tools can be purchased at a local hardware store or you can even borrow them from a friend.

Here is another supply list:

Water Hose
Landscaping Plastic
4 wooden stakes (12 inches long)
2-10 ft-2X4′s
2-8 ft-2X4′s
1-3 ft 2X4 (can be a scrap piece)
Approx. 15 1 cubic ft. bags
Carpenter’s level
Shovel-preferrably a square one
Flagstone pavers (2″ thick – Most of these are approx. 1 ft wide. You will need about 80 at this size. Check with the experts at the purchase place for exact amounts, based on your exact measurements.)
5-6 nails

Sometimes, no matter how much stone you have to pick from, you simply can’t find a good match.  This is the time to create the shape yourself by cutting the stone. Before making the cut we first mark a line on the bottom stone.  This line mirrors the shape of the stone above with a 2? space.The cut is actually made with a diamond blade.  Although diamond blades can be fitted on different types of power saws.After the cut is made the fresh-cut edge is “distressed” with a mason’s hammer to make it look more natural.

If hiring someone is too expensive, you maybe should think about doing it yourself. Mixing the concrete, pounding down the sand, and fitting the flagstone in just right can be a challenge. You can check a few flagstone patio designs and few tips on flagstone patio website and perhaps you can learn what materials you will need and how you can reduce the cost of those materials.

I’d love to help you about home improvement especially about patio and gardening.

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