How To Flagstone Patio – How To Install Flagstone Walkway

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Flagstone Patio Designs
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How To Flagstone Patio – How To Install Flagstone Walkway

All of us would want a beautiful and attractive home. And a great deal that would make that possible is to have a flagstone patio and walkway that will be the envy of your neighborhood. All you will need are the right tools, materials, plus a strong back and knees. The flagstone patio and walkway will not only be appealing, but it will also make the value of your home higher. Depending on size, you may want to call a friend or a relative to assist you. Here’s how to install flagstone walkway.

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First, it would be ideal to make a design of your patio and walkway’s layout. You can do this by outlining the design of your patio with white spray paint. Then get the width and length measurement of your design. Now, dig out the patio area and go down six inches. You will need to level the surface; at this point you will be able to measure the square foot of your patio or walkway.

You can now wet the patio area lightly, and while the area is wet, place three inches of AB3 sand and gravel on top of the patio and walkway area. Make sure to compact the gravel and sand thoroughly. After that, you would top the area with one and a half inches of fine sand.

Your flagstone is now ready to be laid. Start in the corners and place the stones into the sand by using a rubber mallet. Tap the stone lightly and make sure to level the stones by removing some sand. To add interest to your design, you can use a tight joint with both large and small stones. You can also use edge stones on the borders, in order to reduce the chances of the stones from shifting.

Lastly on how to install flagstone walkway, sweep the flagstone with a broom and remove the sand and gravel from the top of the stones. Once the stones are clean, attach the nozzle to your hose and set the dial on mist. Mist your entire patio and walkway then allow to dry before walking on it.

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