How To Flagstone Patio – How To Lay Flagstone

by Larry

How To Flagstone Patio – How To Lay Flagstone

Flagstone or flag is a type of flat stone usually used for paving slabs but also for making fences or roofing. Also used for making memorials or headstones in a cemetery. It is a sedimentary rock that is cut or split in layers for walkways and patios.

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How to lay flagstone is fun, and it is even doubled once you see the results of your job. There are so many ways to improve your home with flagstone patio. You may get to choose what style and what size must be installed in your patio. They come in a wide array of choices and of different prices. To use flagstone for boarder on your patio will only cost a little but if you plan to use flagstone on your patio floor then get ready to spend a lot.

Flagstone installation may take a couple of days or even weeks depending on the size of your patio. The first thing that you must do when you lay flagstone is choose a spot that is level as possible for your flagstone patio. This is laying flagstone in sand. This is to ensure that the finished product’s surface will turn out to be level if you start on a level ground. Then measure the area that you want to cover.

With the use of a spade or a flat shovel plunge into the soil around 4″ deep all around the perimeter of the rectangle you just plotted for your flagstone patio. Then with the use of a digging shovel excavate all the sod and soil down. Moisten the soil and tamp it down.

After applying the sand, start laying the flagstone patio. Begin in one corner, playing your stone pieces as close as possible. Then tamp it down with a rubber mallet. After your flagstone patio is installed, take proper care of your new home accent in order to make it last longer.

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