Lay Flagstone Patio – Basic Steps When Laying Flagstone

by Larry

Lay Flagstone Patio – Basic Steps When Laying Flagstone

Before laying your flagstone patio, there are few things that you must consider. The first is where you are going to be placing your flagstone and how much area is it going to be covering. If you already have a patio and are just replacing the stone then this should not be a problem, but when starting fresh, you need to know the dimensions.

After you have found what dimensions your flagstone patio will be, it is time to start digging. When digging, make sure that their are no wires or cables underneath the ground that will cause damage to your electrical,pluming, or cable tv. If you do not look, you may cut into a wire and could set you back weeks or even months.

The next tip about laying flagstone is the leveling of your patio. Most people think that it needs to be completely parallel. Not true. Make sure that their is a slight slope so that water can runoff the flagstone with ease. This will make your patio last longer and looking nicer.

The last tip involves getting help. There are a vast amount of resources you can find on the internet that will help you including, videos, blog, articles, etc. Educate yourself with the most up to date information before building.

Once you have educated yourself, it’s time to start. Always remember to leave enough time in the day to finish the job and always watch the weather. Make sure that you are going to have a few nice days in the forecast otherwise your building might come to a screeching stop.

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