The 4 Advantages of a Flagstone Patio over Other Patio Designs

by Larry

Flagstone PatioThere are various materials that can be used for a patio. However, of all these choices, flagstone seems to be the most popular. This is because a flagstone patio has several advantages over other patio designs. Here are some of them.

1. Aesthetics

Flagstone is obviously more attractive than any of the synthetic or artificial materials available for patios. Its natural rustic markings and drab colors bring out elegance in any flagstone patio. The unique patterns provide a vintage look to the place and, at the same time, a sense of identity because no two flagstones contain the same markings.
Aside from this, flagstone comes in many hues, allowing people to choose from several options depending on what they want their patios to look like. There are red flagstones, as well as blue and green ones. The more common variety comes in gray. However, there are stores that also supply white flagstones.

Some people even experiment with combination. Instead of using pure flagstones, they would use other types of stones and combine them in patterns with flagstones to achieve an even more unique look.

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2. Strength and Durability

Flagstones are naturally tough. It takes a long time for water or other agents to change its texture, so even if it rains a lot, flagstone patios still offer traction and protection from slips. In fact, most patio owners would agree that for as long as the flagstone base was properly constructed, the patio will remain as stable and sturdy as it was when it was first built.

In cases where the flagstones were built on loose or weak base materials, the whole patio becomes compromised. If this is the case, then the problem lies on construction and not on the flagstones themselves.

3. Little or no maintenance required

Assuming that the whole flagstone patio was constructed properly, it is expected to resist damage and change for a very long time. According to people who have structures at home made of flagstones, it only takes around two pressurized hose downs a year to maintain. For daily use, sweeping would be more than enough.

4. Different sizes to choose from

Flagstones come in different sizes. If you inspect your local stone suppliers, you will see so many options to choose from. There are flagstones that are about an inch or so thick. There are those that are so much thicker. Some flagstones come in fragments with a small surface, and there are fragments that come in large surfaces.

If you are constructing your flagstone patio from scratch, this means that you can have plenty of variations in your patio designs. Large ones are easier to balance than smaller ones but they offer a less jigsaw look. Smaller ones are harder to balance but they are easier to fit together. In some cases, it is also possible to use a combination of the two.

Among the high-end materials available for patios, flagstones are the most popular because they possess several characteristics that synthetic materials don’t. This is what makes a flagstone patio generally more attractive and well-liked compared to other patio designs.

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